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:: Cantilever Racking ::


Reliable Cantilever racking offers a cost effective solution for the storage of
heavy and long material.

All cantilever uprights from can be used as single-sided or dual-sided designs and the rows of uprights can be any length required. The cantilever arms can be modified flexibly for stored goods with different heights and loading requirements. Subsequent adjustments and adaptations can be made without tools. In case you would like to store special materials or need to meet specific ambient conditions, our expert consultants will be happy to design customized concepts for you.



All bolted arm connections


Pre-punched connection hole


Connection holes on side, not

corners of column


Base is welded to column at




Bolted connections are the strongest adjustable connections


Easy arm installation, adjustment, and leveling. Arm cannot “slip” out of position


Minimum loss of column strength


Strong base connection, easy installation,
at less cost



This rack is very tall with long arms and a huge capacity. This material works great if you have piles of heavy metal sheet stock or other long and heavy bar stock including pipes and even lumber. Cantilever Racking are particularly suitable for storing long loads. The light and heavy versions of this system offer the possibility of locating the levels (arms) on one or both sides of the fully independent structure. Cantilever arm elevations are easily adjustable to accommodate any bundle size. Cantilever Racking can range in sizes, gauges and accessories are available to meet all your requirements. Furthermore, we offer the most suitable system for the rational storage of reels, one that can be easily adapted to the characteristics of any product.


Cantilever Racking is ideal for the storage of beams,


profiles, pipes, timber, etc.


Problem-free height adjustment.


Cantilever racks are a superior storage solution in many situations. compared to standard pallet rack, cantilever racks are